Monday, January 31, 2011

Now THIS is brand consistency!

This was just sent in from a sadvertising reader - the screenshot above is from Toxic Waste candy, a favored deviance of nine year old boys.

The screenshot below is from Wallet Pop, demonstrating the definition of the word IRONY.  See - they just got busted for having LEAD in their candy.  Talk about TOXIC WASTE.

 I can see the VP of Marketing, standing before the lawyers explaining how "No, no, no, you've got it all wrong!  See, we're building a BRAND, see?  We're just bein'real, see?!"

And where do you think this stuff is made?  Three Mile Island?  Chernobyl?  Hiroshima?  Naw.  The suits chickened out and went with the low bid from Pakistan.

In the meantime, I'm dusting off my idea for lead Legos®.  Nothing says 'quality' like metal, ya know?  And I think they should be scented sour apple and cherry.  You know - just to smell good.  For the kids.