Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year! And remember - the Emperor is still naked.

Happy 2011!  Another year, another chance to be redeemed of all the lessons from the Holy past.  This year, let it be the lesson of Hubris.  Or, as one of my Mentors calls it, "The Bullsh*t that fools itself."

Anyway, I thought the ad above might be a good one to kick off 2011's Sadvertising season.  It's circa 1973.

Geez.   I tried to palm off my first-gen iPod shuffle onto my 9yr old and she shuddered in revulsion as if I were dangling a dead lab mouse by the tail.

But I have to respect the copy - "It also has mixing controls that let you mix two sound sources - for instance, your life story, narrated by you against background music."

Gawd.  How crushing would THAT be, eh?  Maybe a couple shots of Old Granddad and I'd start thinking my life story would warrant background music.  But wow - what a mental picture!    Ha.  I'm thinking Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries.

Anyway, good-year to everyone and as always, Be Careful with the Copy.  And watch this space - I've got a box of great stuff to post (thanks to ya'll).

NOTE:  Geez.  The Sadvertising Police have spoken; my grammatical error has been captured and killed.