Monday, April 11, 2011

Hot Wings, YEAH!

The scan above is from a poster found at a "SportClips" hair-cut franchise.   It advertises a promotion where - well, there's a contest and the winner gets $10K.

"What would you do with $10,000?"

Well, clearly, SportClips believes its customers would do the smart thing and buy ten grand worth of chicken wings.  Well, duh!  Who wouldn't?!?


Geez.  Everyone knows SportClips customers are Beer Bongers.  Eff the hotwings (those are for the fat girls at Regis).

Geez.  Or a dream date with Snooki.

$10k worth of hot wings.  And Snooki.

Livin' the dream, man.  Livin' the dream.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Warning: Photographer may cause unintended acceleration.

The ad above was sent in by a Sadvertising reader who saw the ad above and just had to exclaim, "WHOA!  Slow down there, hombres!  You're movin' too fast!"

But, maybe that's because this particular group of Dentist's "Brand" is all about neck-bending acceleration!  Kind of like when we were kids on the school bus.  Time ticking, waiting for the train to pass, then the caboose finally goes by, the bus driver drops the clutch and in a giant yellow lurch, all the kids snap their necks.

Poor Dentists. Clearly, they'll need a chiropractor.

Or a photographer that doesn't have a rocket sled in the studio.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

"Titles" ARE important.

Don't ask "Why...?"  Some things are just better off a mystery.

But, I will bet you, as they say around here, "Dollars to donuts" that there isn't a single child in the known universe who's begging dad to, "Please, please, please read The Lonely Troll!  Read the Lonely Troll!"

This combination of title and illustration drips ennui like mayonnaise sandwiches left to ferment in a hot trunk.

However, considering that criticism should never be tendered without a solution, please accept the following:

Update:  note to the sadvertising reader who just emailed, "Why yes.  I AM bored today. Like a lonely troll."

Update:  geez. Am I supposed to be funny ALL the time?!