Monday, January 24, 2011

More reason to fear the Chinese.

It's cool to get a new client that makes toys (Yay!).  It's another when that client turns out to be one of them-there sweatshop counterfeiters who don't even care!

Numma #1:  My Little Pony made $1.2 for Hasbro last year!

Numma #2:  He he he.  Not THIS year!  He he he!  Call the Dollar Stores, we've got ten containers on a ship headin' for L.A!

"MommeeeEEE!  I want Love Shine DemonDonkey!  With the Spectral UniHorn!"

Geez.  With all the unemployment in the USA right now, you'd figure SOMEONE would answer a want ad:  Wanted - copywriter to make sure our product names don't suck or frighten.