Saturday, January 29, 2011

Next, them damn Swedes.

The photo above was sent in by a Sadvertising reader.  His daughter brought it home.

 Being of French descent, he found it amusing.  Married to a Latino, he found it disturbing.   As an American, however, he was outraged that a Salon (of all places!) would be so bold as to work to wiping out one of our Nation's founding nationalities.

He's up in arms about this - "Hitler tried it with machine guns, now Studio 35 is trying it with flammable liquid!  Can't we just GET ALONG?!"

I told him to leave it be - everyone knows the best way to get rid of Poles is to throw Pierogi's on a busy highway.

And he, of course, was calmed a bit after realizing Poles can't read anyway.