Saturday, June 23, 2012

You know what's UN-FAIR?!?

The ad above is from the "Un-fair" campaign running in Duluth, Minnesota.

Near as I can tell - besides generating a ton of publicity of the city of Duluth, Minnesota - it's supposed to make White people feel guilty because they're better than Black, Yellow, Brown or Green people.

I'm really trying to wrap my brain around this one - but I just...can't...quite...reason... bah!  I give up.  This must be how it feels to sniff glue.

Look.  I hate being a whitey of European descent.  I got no blues, my language is impossible to master, I like Buicks and my idea of egg rolls get baked in an oven.  And they're pizza flavor to boot.

Sometimes, the self-loathing is so bad, all I eat is Wonderbread, Swiss Cheese and Mayo.  Washed down with Chablis.

Plus, Fonzie was white.  And he was short!  (I hate tall people, btw.  They can reach stuff I can only dream about).  UN-FAIR.


Dumb, dumb ad.  The equivalent of crying Fire in a crowded room then trying to rationalize the discontent by explaining, "Aren't you glad it wasn't real?!"

In the meantime, I just watched the clip below...RUN!  RUN!  To Canada!  Or Sweden!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

A brand so powerful, it's not even necessary.

The picture above is stuff  "Thing Three" swishes around in her mouth before spitting it out on floor, wall, mirror and sink.

Does it have a name?  Well, it does but apparently, the product name is not that important.  What IS important are these four things:

A.  The color blue
B.  Spongebob®
C. The words: Anticavity Kids
D. Saving 55 cents

Back in my day, Brands were developed to align a particular product to a particular customer.  For example, "Choosey mothers choose JiF Peanut Butter."  Only careful, fussy and quality-focused moms would buy JiF.

I remember looking up from my plate of burnt meatloaf and randomized place setting (I didn't see a two identical milk glasses until I left for Reform School) and having the epiphany,  "Ahhh!  That's why we buy Skippy peanut butter!  Mom just isn't the choosey type!"

Today?  I guess all that work on product naming, brand development and advertising isn't needed.  People will figure it out on their own.

But I have to say this - if my wife called me up to "...pick up some Blue Spongebob Anticavity Kids with a coupon" I know exactly what she wants.   But if she said, "...pick up some Act*." I'd probably reply, "What's wrong with the act I'got?!"

Anyway, it's summer - time to plan my:

A. Blue
B. William Shatner
C. Fighting
D. Cheap

But the Fam calls it "Vacation."

*I confess.  I peeled the coupon and discovered ACT® Anti-cavity rinse.  But I stuck the coupon back on so no one would confuse it with Windex®.