Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Over-reaching the slogan.

The graphic above is from a web ad touting a new Lincoln automobile. Lincoln's ad slogan is "Reach Higher."

So, together, it's: Lincoln. Reach Higher.

(sigh) Rust never sleeps and neither do awkward slogans.

Lincoln (period, completed thought). Reach Higher. (period, completed thought).

I think the copywriter wanted "Reach Higher" to be a command. So, to Reach Higher after a Lincoln is probably referring to...Lexus? BMW? Mercedes?

And, if you're reaching, reaching, reaching for a Lincoln, you probably can only afford the Ford.

Going after the ambititous, start-up crowd is a good idea but the objective is to capture them, not become a stepping stone to other brands or end up as a mirage of materialism.

The solution here is to give the car a slogan that does more than give a weak motivational pep-talk. Lincoln customers are working hard for a destination, not more straining and struggling.

How's this! "Lease me, impress everyone. Including yourself."

Or, reach a little higher and get a used Lexus that'll be cheaper to maintain in the long run allowing you to buy that Porsche you REALLY want.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Fitzgerald was right. They are different.*

A Brooks Brothers customer isn't likely to be burning time in a Target™ or Wal-Mart register line.

No, the Brooks Brothers customer is different.

He looks at orange, lobster & crab embroidered shorts and thinks, "Those! I want those!" And he dispatches "his people" to obtain those crustacean crested shorts for his bottom.

And, once endowed, he puts on a tight white t-shirt, slaps a belt around his middle and he's off to the Club!

Hmmm. I smell revolution coming.

*"The rich are different from you and me." -- F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A model's life. It's not all fun and drugs.

Sometimes, marketing people have the hardest job on earth. Yes, the HARDEST. JOB. ON. EARTH.

We can guess why the layout person cut the model's head off below the nose - the poor guy's eyeballs are probably dangling by their optic nerves.

A blazer like this could kill someone if not worn carefully. No, a blazer like this shouldn't be worn at all.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Good guys.

SYNOPSIS: Bundle-brains* steal Coke™ secrets and try to sell the to Pepsi™. Pepsi™ takes the high road and turns the bundle-brains in.

RESULT: Pepsi™ adds mortar to the foundation of Business Ethics.

Personally, I am not a Pepsi person. However, that Pepsi has the Ethics to do the right thing makes the company much more savory.

SALUTE! Pepsi.

* A "bundle-brain" is a term used to describe primitive brain development in animals - worms, insects, arachnids - they have "bundle brains."