Friday, November 28, 2008

An American Revolt-ing.

The graphic above is a screenshot of Chevrolet's website, taken this morning.  Regardless how one feels about watching the American auto industry do its slow-mo crash into a brick wall, it's apparent Chevy thinks we're more Dummy than Customer - notice the "News and Offers" section.

The verbiage provides a deep clue into their marketing and PR strategy.  One word:  GUILT.

"Support the U.S. auto industry.  Learn how you can help."  The button underneath is labeled, "Take action >"

What?!  "Learn how (I) can help"??  "Take action"?   Chevy isn't trying to market their cars - they're embracing a Cause.  Next is probably a telethon where the Chairman of GM does a morale boosting visit to empty showrooms and packed repair shops...

"When you give to General Motors, your money goes to the caring of thousands of irrelevant automobiles across the nation.  Like Suburban here - only 3 years old, once advertised at $60,000, now only $19,995..."

How Chevrolet can keep their slogan, "An American Revolution" while their leadership is asking for public money is way beyond ironic. 

Using guilt to control subjects may work for cults and communists, but a car company?!   

Bah. Chevrolet's making me look like a bloomin genius. For all their website talk of "Green" "Revolution" and "Red Tag Sales", have you noticed anything missing?

Cars. There isn't a single picture of an automobile on the Chevy website! Imagine a Car Company selling cars.  Hmmm.  From the looks of things at Chevrolet, the idea is positively Revolutionary.