Friday, November 07, 2008

Step away from the Pharmacy Tech...slowly...calmly...

The graphic above is a banner ad for - a website that is supposed to be a clearinghouse for "online degrees programs."  

So many choices...hmmmm.  Thankfully, yellow cartoon faces guide the choice!

Golly.  Teachers sure seem to have fun...and those Graphic Designers apparently have quite the attitude...maybe a Medical Billing Specialist?  They look rather pleasant, almost apologetic. 

"Well Mr. Smith, it does appear that the mammogram fee on your Annual Physical was indeed a mistake.  We'll reduce the charge by 50% and inform your insurance provider."

And if I wanted to become a Criminal Investigator, I could shoot my eye out, get a cool eye patch and an equally cool story to go along with it!

"Arrrggg!  Me thinks this car ye be driven is stolen BOOTY and I've come to claim me treasure in the name of the STATE!"

However, there's something about becoming a Pharm Tech that just doesn't seem to be much of a career move.  Evidently, Pharmacy Technician's don't get the same job satisfaction as Social Workers or Teachers.  You'd think they'd be able to slide a few Valium® off the counter for a little break-time mellowing...