Monday, November 17, 2008

"Why does daddy drink so much after work?"

The ability to generate new ideas, to find new solutions to old problems, to provide places of expression for other's gifts - these are the rallying cries for those called to "Create."

And so, "Creativity" is not only a calling, but also a burden of responsibility toward humankind.

Henry Ford, we thank you for the automobile.

Jobs&Woz, we thank you for the Macintosh computer.

Barack Obama, we thank you for energizing political Change.

Rachel Carson, we thank you for giving Environmentalism emotion and passion.

However, to the creators of "Wonder Sauna (long) Hot Pants," we stop, gasp...and ultimately curse the indelible image above that's been seared into our brains.

But the ridiculousness of the Wonder Sauna (long) Hot Pants (WSHP) isn't the point of this post. That the WSHP is no longer attaching itself to hopeful, but nonetheless stupid people is proof that Capitalism takes care of itself.

What's important here is - "What happened to the models?"  Specifically, the dude.

Can you imagine getting the call from your agent, "Hey. Gary. a gig here.  Pays cash. Can you make it next Friday at 3?"

"Uh, maybe. What is it?"

"Uh.  Well, it's called a Wonder Sauna Hot Pant...thing.  Hey, listen can you make it or not?!"

"Sure. Baby needs new shoes, ya'know!" (laughs.)

(laughs) "Uh, yeah!  Gotta provide for the kids!  Uh, anyway, here's the address..."

Then, some stone-faced art director hands you this...this...BALLOON TOY of an adult diaper and minutes later, you're in your underwear being told to SMILE!

We simply have to find this guy and see if he's ok.  Let him know that there are people who care.  Who can look past the past.  Who can strengthen and encourage.

The chick?  Ah.  She's prolly fine.  Women have been wearing weird crap since beginning of time.  (Anyone remember Leg Warmers?)

But the dude...the poor, sad dude.  Creativity has done him wrong.

"Oh miracle of the Internet, we beseech thee to locate Mr. WSHP and tell him all is forgiven."

PS- A sadvertising reader commented that it was easy for me to take a "cheap shot" against the 70's.   Ok.  I accept.  But gee whiz...look at the thing!