Thursday, November 20, 2008

Well, DUH!

The clip above is a commercial for EAS's energy drink, "Myoplex." It features QB Brady Quinn.

Interesting concept - show Brady stepping onto a treadmill to be transported into an apocalyptic wasteland where he becomes a Team of One, pushing the limit, going extreme to get to...the can!

Must be some stuff, that Myoplex - you'd expect when Brady finally gets to the goal, he'd take a big ole'gulp and sigh, "Ahhh! Myoplex!"  Or a lip-smackin', "Wow! Myoplex hits the spot!"  Gee whiz, maybe a "Whoo, doggie!"

But no, Brady turns to the camera and deadpans, "Now, I'm done."

Or is it, - "Now, I'm dumb." ???

Go ahead - watch it again.  Your ears are tainted forever.

"Ah man...I ran 5 frickin miles and all I got was this can of nutri-goo?! I am SO dumb!"

Anyway, the basic confusion here is so obvious, we have to assume one of two things:  1. The spot was created, produced and placed without input or collaboration from others.  Sometimes that works.  Sometimes, it's dumb.  Or 2., the producers knew of the Done/Dumb mumble and decided to cast faith in the old adage, "Bad publicity is better than no publicity!"  If so, tell that to George Bush.

Bottom line:  EAS didn't need to gamble on controversy to get publicity.

Additionally, isn't the phrase, "Now I'm done" anathema to an athlete? Maybe he's hinting at retirement - surely with his mumble, he'd have a tough time as a sports announcer. Instead, he could have tried a career in Comedy by belching, wiping his face and growling, "This is goooood shiiip!"

Either way, this spot is authentically "Sadvertising" with the dumbest thing being that the spot hasn't been taken off  YouTube.  

Thanks to a Sadvertising reader for the tip.