Monday, September 01, 2008

Holy Cr*p - the copy stinks!

The above scan was taken from the September issue of Good Housekeeping (or one of those 'women's magazines' that occupy the rack at the health club). The ad is for Scott brand Toilet Paper.

An angelic fish is an interesting way to sell toilet paper. The mystical mackerel might have been a fun concept had the copywriter and art director not sent the concept down the drain.

Not to be crude here, but the photo is illustrating an event where someone looks down and is alarmed or excited by (a'hem) something. Sweet jiminy - can you imagine ANY commode-bound situation that would cause anyone to exclaim, "Holy Mackerel!"?!?  

You try it. Try to conjure something up in your imagination that would incite such a weird utterance.  You know what would make me say it?  A freaking Piranha! Or maybe a little man in a boat looking up and waving. Or maybe...bah!  

If you're on the toilet, and you shout, "Holy Mackerel!" chances are, it's not a good situation!

But wait - we're supposed to read the copy! (whew!) "The surprising softness of this product may make you shout "Holy Mackerel!" Should the devout fish materialize in your bathroom, Scott® Extra Soft not responsible for resulting mystical fish babble."

My guess is that this ad was a last rush-job on the account.  The awkward grammatical error in the fourth line seems to argue for a "no-time-to-proofread-gotta-go-now" scenario.  So too, the clumsy combination of photography and illustration.  Oh well.  Now, every time I pass the TP aisle at the store I'll think of Scott Toilet Paper and a dead fish.

We should be glad the copywriter write,  "Holy Cr*p!" 

PS - the fish should have been a Crappie instead of a Mackerel.

PSS - sadvertising readers respond:  "Should have been "Holy Carp!" and "Honey!  Call the Guiness Book of World Records!"   Send your resumes to Scott Toilet Paper...