Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why not Fatt Butte?

The graphic above is a screenshot from the Kohls department store website - it shows the logo of the common clothing line, "Sag Harbor."

A sadvertising reader (a woman) asked, "Why on earth would a company want to name a woman's clothing line Sag Harbor?!"

After some thought, she has a point - it's a rather unlovely name for women's fashion. Perhaps the creators were going for a rustic, colloquial sound, evoking images of sea breezes, soft clangs of sailboat bells, gulls overhead and happy pipe-smoking fishermen tossing their bags onto the dock in eager anticipation of their beautiful lasses who are "cookin' up a pot of her delicious chowder..."

Dunno. But it's just as likely as those sailors chiding the new mates on the boat, "No young wenches fer ya'here, laddy! This be SAG harbor!" (the wise old salts knock back a hearty laugh while the young ones blush...

Kind of like naming a men's clothing line, "Little Falls."

Oh well. Thanks to the Sadvertising reader for the idea. However, if they ever branch into women's accessories, the purse below seems to be a perfect fit!