Friday, August 15, 2008

Thank Gawd I found my cell phone!

The above photo was captured this morning with my cell phone camera. Normally, I don't find my cell phone until the day's over, but today, it was right there. It's a ritual - lose my cell phone, find my cellphone, lose it, find it, lose it, find it, lose it, buy another...


Poking fun at churches isn't my thing, but this billboard is too interesting to ignore. The headline, "Searching for something? Join us!" is either a regrettable mistake or bold admission.

Imagine walking into the sanctuary on Sunday morning, hundreds of heads turn over their shoulders to watch you pad down the aisle - furrowed brows and expressions of deep concern mask the faces of the faithful. You holler, "Have you found it yet?!" The congregation responds (in unison), "No! Join us!"

"Well, I'm just lookin' for my cell phone! Seen it?!" You holler back.

he he he.

I hope this headline gets discovered. And replaced.

ADDITION: Thanks to a sadvertising reader who wondered, "What happens if they find it?" Well now, that's a GOOD question! I would imagine they'll do what people usually do - start another church. Or a war. Or a conference. Or maybe the pastor will tell the congregation to "Shhhh! Let's keep it a secret!" and quietly take the billboard down. Then, refer everyone to the Unitarian Church down the street.

"Nothing to see here. Move along. There you go...keep moving..."