Friday, January 13, 2012

Look Clem - I think they want somethin'!

The ad above is authentic.  It's a tourism ad for North Dakota.

Two guys, three 'gals.'

The copy reads, "Drinks, dinner, decisions.  Arrive a Guest, Leave a Legend."

You know what the "Decision" was?  Deciding which Gal had to drive them all home.

And the "Legend"?  Well, in North Dakota, husky girls and awkwardly dressed men can find each other.  At least if they're walking in front of the right window.

Mystifying, really -  with other potential Tourism topics like, "Going to Rummage Sales,"  "Church Pancake Dinners" and "Heading into Town to Get Supplies," why did they pick, "Bang on the Window for Alcohol"?

"Look Lorie!  One of them has a BEER!"
"Hand's off - he's MINE!"

(giggle giggle)

North Dakota.  Arrive a Guest.  Leave A Tip.

UPDATE:  It gets weirder - the ad is targeted at CANADIANS (click)!   And you know those Canadians - they'll do anything for beer.