Friday, January 13, 2012

Mercedes Kampf

"Yes.  Yes!  Yes!!  Che's our man!"

So.  You're Mercedes Benz and you're making a presentation at the gigantimundo Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and want to make a point that you - like all the cool gizmos at the show - are REVOLUTIONARY.

So, you send your 20-something Creative Team to google "Revolutionary" and voila.

Still wondering why putting the iconic face of Cuban "Revolutionary" Che Guevara into your Powerpoint is a bad idea?

He pushed Communism into the bellies of the Cuban people, ushering a Totalitarian regime that's killed thousands and stripped the freedoms of millions.

And why Che when you've got the Premier Brand of dictators right in your backyard?!?

And he was a Mercedes-man, to boot.