Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Yes. Yes! YES! That's how it WORKS!!

The graphic above is real - it shows the use and result of the "Shape Up Body Pad."

It's so messed up.

Are you hearing the squishy, slurpy sound effects as the woman drops the slug into her pants?

*slurpglurpflurp*  Then the parasite takes hold - the deal with the devil complete!  In exchange for sumptuous curves, the creature attaches itself, forever one with the new host!

"'s time to steal again.  Master says so!"

"No!  NO!  I won't, I just WON'T!"

"Look.  You want a butt or not?"

"Yes Master. (sigh)  I'll take us to Wal-Mart. "

Mwaa-ha ha ha!

In the meantime, a woman with such an impossibly NON EXISTENT BUTT doesn't need a silicone slug to drop into her pants.  She needs to eat it.