Thursday, August 18, 2011

No gratitude for their Situation

The graphic above is "The Situation" wearing what is presumably Abercrombie & Fitch clothing.

Of course you've heard how A&F publicly asked MTV God "The Situation" to stop wearing their clothing because (cough cough) he and his cohorts were hurting their brand.

I'm scratching myself.  And thinking, "What the...?!"

The Advertising/Marketing/PR job market looks like a WW1 battle field these days - craters mark the demise of so many agencies, shell-shocked graphic designers wander wide-eyed looking for free coffee and wi-fi while former Agency Execs mumble mindlessly in trenches, calling out media campaigns that only exist on paper...

And yet - the Brand Boobs at A&F come up with an idea that is guaranteed to alienate at least HALF of their market AND keep a trash icon alive for another eighteen months!

"Yo.  McDees.  Yeah.  I got this ad campaign.  You ready?  Here it is...


2D barcodes scan for BMIs and anything less than a 24?  Ged'ouda'herrrrrre!"   

Today, A&F awoke to a 9% dump in stock prices.