Friday, August 19, 2011

Don't worry. They'll find us. I just know it!

The billboard above is for Uzbekistan Airways.

But, I will state this - having a big blue tail with a yellow and green logo REALLY DOES improve the luck of the search party!

(insert helicopter fx)

"Uh...Angel 10 to rescue center, this sector is clear...uh...there it is!  We have the crash site!  Look at that glorious big ole'blue tail and's our lucky day!"

I think it's pretty cool when airlines do that.  You know, paint their birds in high-vis colors.  But even better when they flat out let you know why.

No lost-in-the-Mountain cannibalism when you auger into the glacier with Uzbek Airways.  No way.

You cast your luck with them?  They cast their luck back'at cha.