Friday, March 20, 2009

Boma'jus'Luvs dem chick'afinners!

The above graphic is of a frozen food sold by a German company - "Obama Fingers" - 'deep fried' chicken and curry sauce. Normally, such a thing wouldn't find its place here, but in light of yesterday's post on the importance of naming products, I thought this would further serve underscore the message - "know the name before naming."

Evidently the company was informed of the racist overtones of "Obama Fingers" rather quickly and adopted the stance of "Wha?! I, we, uh, just figured it'd be a...uh..way to...uh...gee whiz! We didn't know!"

Oh well. Lesson learned.

Oh! Just heard about a new Salty Snack to be marketed in Europe - they're hell-bent on dominating the category and ridding the shelves of inferior snacks.

I guess they're preparing a huge marketing blitz for Poland.