Monday, April 06, 2009

"Not like that, you're not!"

Well. The graphic above is a screenshot of the website "" - a Chinese ecommerce site. Specifically, the item for sale is - ah'hem - the "Spring 2009 Column Sweetheart Asymmetrical Satin Prom/Evening Dress." Sure. Go ahead - click to enlarge.

I call it "SLEAZE." My wife calls it, "Oh. No." A doctor might call it an STD.

But then again, check out "Column Halter Sweep Train Taffeta Prom/Evening Dress" below.

I call it "Flatulence." My kids? (If I ever let them look at this post) will likely call it, "Eeeewww!"

Both dresses stink.

You know, when my daughter gets to Prom, I'm having her go in a Hefty® leaf bag stuffed with packing peanuts and braced with chicken wire.

UPDATE: A Sadvertising reader has discovered that the site has updated their photo.