Sunday, March 08, 2009

Doctors among us?!

The ad above is for Clinical Therapy Skin Protectant Body Lotion by Vaseline®. I scanned it from the back of the January 2009 Reader's Digest.

Interesting layout - the graphics show how one smiling woman infected "an entire town" with the idea that they need Vaseline®...on various parts of their body. Though the Vaseline® people are rather impressed at the woman's ability to transmit their product, I got a little case of the creeps wondering how many of these people were slimed against their will. Especially on people's faces and tattoos.

I get this vision of the grinning woman hiding behind a shrub in the park, a handful of Vaseline® at the ready, waiting for her next victim...

But that's beside the point.

The reason that this ad is ©Sadvertising is on account of the fine print off to the left of the ad. It reads:

"Vaseline® is a registered trademark of Unilever®. These are real people. None are doctors."

Again - "...these are real people. None are doctors."

Now, I've flunked a few IQ tests in my day, but it appears to me that, according to the Vaseline® marketing department, Doctors may not be real people!

Sweet Jimminy! This just hit me...if doctors aren't people, what are they?? And does this woman know something that we don't?!

Alright real people - you heard it here first. If the Alien Doctor Overlords try to rise to power, get to Walgreens FAST! Men, slather your women & children first - make sure to cover the tattoos, too!