Sunday, January 11, 2009

You can Tuna Piano, but you can't Tuna Kitten.

The graphics above are from PeTA's website. They represent the group's latest effort to eliminate all "cruelty" to animals - this time, they're embracing fish.

Little by little, decision by decision, PeTA is working hard to get "people" to eat less meat and be "ethical" in our treatment of animals.

Though I personally think PeTA's cause is as dumb as a hay bale, the group should be respected for their ability to generate publicity and take the "long view" in evangelizing their cause. PeTA's outrageousness is actually an admission to the utter magnitude of changing a human culture that's so systemic, it's wired into our evolution.

Typically, PeTA's rather clever. But their "Sea Kitten" campaign shows a distinct slip in their creativity. "Sea Kitten"? Come, on, people. The meeting that cooked that one up couldn't have taken more than five minutes.

"Guys, fish are dumb and stinky. We need to make fish cute and cuddly!"

"I know! Let's call them Sea Kittens!"

"Good one! Meeting adjourned! Let's get pizza!"

Now, "Sea Kitten" will work for a little while. The little kids will go "eeew!" when mom tries to feed them Tuna*. But when the inevitable Fish Sticks - er Sea Kitten Sticks - show up on the school lunch menu, SOME kid's going to crack and come to the horror that SEA KITTENS ARE TASTY and the natural question occurs...

"Hmmm. If Sea Kittens taste good, are Land Kittens better?"

*Pssst. Mom. They don't call it Tuna Helper for nuthin, you know. Mmmm. Thank me later.