Thursday, January 29, 2009


The graphic above was sent in from a sadvertising reader who also happens to be an "ad guy" - it's an ad for a 70s/80s brand of clothing called "Cricketeer."  

I'm not the only person to blog this old ad.  The thing is as disturbing as it is brilliant.  Great idea hiring a contortionist model to prove the stretch and fit of a traditionally stifling corporate uniform.  

But I wonder - is there a shot with the guy holding a lighter?  Yeah thought it too.

"Hey guys!  Gimme a match!  Quick!  Quick!....FOOOooOOOFF!"

Even better ad if they would have given the pants a flame resistant panel.  Then they would have finally created Church Clothes that every 13 year old boy would covet.

"Hey!  You've got fart pants!  Cool!"

Note:  A sadvertising reader commented that the ad promised that "anything you can do OUT of a suit, you can do IN a suit."   So that leads me to wonder if there was anyone who wondered, "Gee. I sure wish I could get my head near my butt while I'm wearing my office clothes."

Oh bruther.