Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Apple does it again

The creative geniuses behind Apple Computers have created another brilliant campaign trashing Microsoft - this time, Microsoft's "R&D" project called "Songsmith."

Songsmith is a Microsoft software product that writes songs for people! Simply sing into the microphone, and Songsmith adds tinny, Teletubby music to the background! "Dumb!" you say. Yep. And what a way to parody this product than to create an infomercial about a hapless ad guy who gets inspiration when his daughter invents and sings a White Middle Class Anthem into her computer.

FUN-NEE! What a parody!

"Microsoft, huh? So it's pretty easy to use?" Hee-haw! Kind of like, "Pet weazel, eh? So it's pretty good with kids?"

BREAKING NEWS: Uh-oh! Sorry. I guess all this is real!

insert jaw-drop, long pause, chilling of the blood, wide-eyed amazement, shock and horror)

Wow...I guess we can expect Christ's return any day now and just like the bumper sticker says, "...boy is He pissed."

In all seriousness, Microsoft should create a software that makes us all software engineers.  We just turn on our computer, open an application and VIOLA!  It works!