Thursday, January 22, 2009


The graphic above is a new product being sold - and discounted - called "Smittens." 

It's hard to imagine what I'd say if a prospective client walked in with these.  Probably, "Oh my gawd."  But that's beside the point.

The potential liability here is huge.  Can you imagine walking along the forest trail with your Sweetie and suddenly a huge Grizzly Bear comes a'galloping...and now, you have huge decisions:

A. Which direction do you run?
B. Who's going to end up being food?

Well, on the other hand (PUN!) "Smittens" would make snowball fights more interesting.

And, if the relationship ever goes sour, you have a nifty elbow warmer.

These things could be huge on the Cage Fighting circuit, but the name would definitely have to change.

Thank you to a sadvertising reader for the tip. :)