Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What does a Brand Manager do?

The above video is from an 80's "Christian" rock band called Sonseed. Don't watch the video with food in your mouth or else you'll wreck your monitor. And if you're sucking on jawbreakers, point your head down or the explosive force of disbelief could kill someone.


Of course, fashion comes and goes - in the 80's, these folks might have been cutting edge. Had this video broken out on MTV, kids today might be jammin' out to Christian Ska & hairspray instead of Rap & bling. Thank God they're not.

Intentions had to be good - the dude on the Les Paul actually had a cool little riff. But a bouncy reggae tune about Jesus being a Canadian Mountie that "always gets His man" was as goofy then as it is now. Unfortunately, no one from God was there to say, "Whoa! Stop! Repent!"

This post is to all the Brand Managers out there who need Inspiration that their mission is real, vital and good. If you know of a Brand Manager, Creative Director and PR exec, forward this on, with a note of encouragement to keep the Faith.

Treat your products, your communications, your Brand as if you were on a Mission from God. Because if you don't, you could have Hell to pay.

PS - Anyone got a scripture reference for a Jesus that will "...zap me any way He can"?

NOTE: A Sadvertising reader pointed out that Sonseed is listed on Wikipedia.
An interview with the Bass player is posted on a link at the bottom of the page (he sounds like a pretty cool guy, btw). Unfortunately, the drummer died from choking on a sandwich.