Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"These pants are made for kickin' (sung to These Boots are Made for Walkin')

The ads above are for Chuck Norris "Action Jeans." Yeah, they're rather dated, but a respected Sadvertising reader fairly demanded that they be examined.

Advertising is essentially a fashion industry. Words, colors, shapes - they all evolve. That being stated, there's nothing notably amusing about these ad's dated style.  In fact, Chuck Norris looks surprisingly cool considering these ads are 20th Century vintage!

But while advertising trends come and go, the messages they convey are a timeless insight into the accepted mind of the buyer, and the buyers of Action Jeans are definitely looking for "WHOP!  WHAP!  Kaaaa-POW!" Action!

Putting it another way, these are the jeans you wear when you want to kick someone in the face!  No more round-house kicks to the crotch that end up in an embarrassing rip in the butt - Action Jeans let the wearer go full-on to jaw-breaking!

"Hey, Gary - remember that time you'n me went out to do a little ass-kickin' and you ended up ripping your new Levi's?" (laughs)

"Do I!  I'll never be able to set foot in the Rusty Nail again!  But no more, now that we're wearin' Action Jeans!  Hey!  It's ladies night at Lucky's  - what do you say we head  over and defend someone's honor?!"

It's rather staggering to think about how many would-be warriors were set back because, "...dang!  These Levi's just won't let me hit anything higher than a crotch!"

Undoubtedly, Action Jeans equalized parking lot brawls all across America.   It's probably just a matter of time until these things go the way of the switchblade or 15-round clip.