Thursday, October 09, 2008

Music to Recession By...

Way back in the 70's - the United States experienced an economic recession. Taxes were nasty, prices grew faster than income and interest was so high, banks had in-house "day cares" where parents would leave their children until loans were paid. The kids worked in the back rooms counting change, cleaning after hours...just kidding.

Anyway, with all this talk about economic collapse, this fantastic clip from the recording family, "The Rhodes Kids" should make you feel rich. At least, it'll horrify you to ANYTHING that smacks of the 1970s and positively inspire you to fight back the forces of economic hell by sheer willpower.

Hope you're grooving to the photo below, too. Notice the poor dude in the 11 o'clock position - that's no waist-band, it's a girdle! And check the pipe-smokin' Santa - 'bet a few seconds after the shutter clicked, he was a polyester candle, bolting for the bathroom to flush the flames out.

Somewhere, those shirts are sitting in a landfill (Lord willing) and if we were to dig them up, they'd look GOOD. AS. NEW.

PS - In case you're wondering, The Rhodes Kids have apparently all gone on to achieve success and stability with their lives and remain close. How's that for a happy ending of the 70's? :)