Friday, October 17, 2008

Operators are standing buy.

The above screenshot is of the Giant Sunflower Seed company's website. In case you're not a connoisseur of sunflower seeds, "Giants" are big sunflower seeds. The website is workmanlike - laying out their case for the feature/benefits of their "GIANT" seeds.

However, Giant Sunflower seed customers appear to be a rather quirky group. Apparently, Giant Sunflower Seeds saw the need to provide their customers "LIVE HELP."

At first, the gesture of live people, waiting to help Giants Sunflower Seed customers is noble. But...why? About the only food I can imagine that would require "LIVE HELP" is perhaps butchering a cow or maybe after eating suspect mushrooms.

But sunflower seeds!? Maybe first-time buyers don't know what to do with them - which would actually be a tremendous acknowledgement of the Giants brand - their product/packaging/placement may be so compelling, purchases are made without any clue what to do next.

"Hey honey, what'cha got there?"

"Dunno. I just bought them at the store."

"Huh! They sure look peculiar. Do they have a website?"

"Hmmmm...why, yes! Let's go check'em out!...look! They have LIVE HELP!"


Of course, every time I've checked, the LIVE HELP is "Offline."