Friday, October 03, 2008

Does my tummy look funny?

The above video is a promotion for a fitness video.  The hook - if you "laugh" while performing abdominal exercise, you'll get firmer, stronger, whatever-abs.

Interesting, if not downright hysterical idea - and considering the mechanics of muscles, probably totally effective.

But how on earth does a company market a product that, by anyone's stretch, makes the user appear...well...stark, raving nuts?!

Mom:  "Okay, I'm doing my Laugh Video now!"

Family: "Thanks for the warning, we'll be back in an hour!" (door slams)

Hmmm.  If laughing firms up the abdominal muscles, 'wonder what she'd come up with to firm up the butt?

HA HA. Bet you're REALLY laughing now!