Saturday, July 12, 2008


The graphic above is an ad for "Sean John Fragrances" perfume, "Unforgivable Woman."

If anyone buys into the Creative Director's attempt to bring us into Sean John's passion-steamed world, they should be slapped with a dead bass and splashed with warm Mello Yello.

First, who on earth wants an "Unforgivable Woman"?! When people think of Unforgivable Women, images of smoky pistols, red light districts and wrecked pride & joy sports cars come to mind. "You took my Porsche and did what?!?!"

Secondly, the image is awful. Either Sean John is getting ready to read that "lady's" Miranda Warning or he's going to standing in a police line up later that week.

Yeah, yeah...we get the vibe, but like a bar date's allure at 8am the next morning, Perception collides Reality and the result is big Splat. Perfume/Cologne ads are typically an agency's dream. But Creative this childish and this deluded is truly unforgivable. Ick.