Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Here. You need a drink.

The graphic above is from the English magrag "The Sun." It's a picture of a chicken head allegedly found in a bag of frozen chicken WINGS. (pause here to contemplate the next cheap-food to emerge on the bar-scene: Hot Heads! You know, to replace Hot Wings?!?)

Accidents happen in the food business. I know from the time a mouse ran up and grabbed a piece of sausage from a customer's pizza...or the time someone decided to clean the dough roller "after all these years" and found a colony of wire worms...

ANYWAY, what a fascinating display of Customer Service on the part of the grocery chain that sold the bag of Hot, Hot Wings. They gave the customer BOOZE!

"Egads, man! That's gross! You need a drink!"

Asda's leadership is practicing empathy at an unprecedented level. In my case, I'd probably have preferred they give me a free carpet cleaning and some antacid, but frankly, a stiff belt to calm me down is pretty darned clever.