Saturday, July 19, 2008

Damn! She needs a jacket!

The graphics above and below come from a web-ad on  The ad links to a dating site called "Together Christian."

You have to hand it to these people - they're smart enough to use religion AND sex to promote their stuff.* 

However, aside from the especially "spirited" young woman (look closely, you'll also see that she may have been a tad chilly during the photo shoot), the ad features a big red button that announces "CHRISTIANS JOIN FOR FREE."

So, Muslims would be charged what...?  $50?  Buddhists, I figure...$35.  Satanists would be charged an arm and a leg.  Atheists should be the ones getting in for free...

Bru-ther.  I guess it doesn't take Class to be a web marketer.  Judging (he he...I wrote 'judging'!) by the strangely irrelevant Bible verse at the bottom of the home page, it also doesn't take any understanding of the phrase "target market" either.

Nevertheless, it's nice to know that Christians who like blond women with big boobs can find them for free.  Reading Matthew 5:28 is also free, especially if you're in a hotel room (thanks to the Gideons). 

*Bet this site is nothing more than a data generator for a web-marketing company.