Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yes, we are indeed making a memory.

Who likes a grump? Not me, but today, I'm a damned prophet of the obvious. And it's made me grumpy.

The above graphic is from a article on children's birthday parties. Click the headline, but in summary, there's enough wealth in this country to warrant consulting businesses that feature $5,000+ birthday parties for kids.

One of these vendors, Corinne Dinsfriend, is quoted, "We promote a healthy balance...but it's ok to indulge your child once a year because it's about making a memory."

"...making a memory"?! Corrine, $10k birthday parties are making MONSTERS.

Memories are not made worthy because of an indulgent moment. Though I realize these parties are being thrown by the minority rich and not the hoi polloi, to know that the wealth-keepers of our country are so DUMB is horrifying.

Think of it this way - what kind of a business, political, social or spiritual leader would grow from children who have the belief that their pleasure is worth a high price?

There is a burden to the power and influence that money can buy - that burden is to protect and nurture the culture, not self.

Yes, gross indulgence, like poverty, has always been. Historically, both rise right before a fall, too.

I'm afraid that what we are making a memory of is our nation...our kids are going to have some amazing memories, to be sure.

God help them.