Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Airline Weirdness

The photo above is of a Delta Airlines gate. Well, actually it's not REALLY Delta Airlines. It's one of those small, regional airlines that "partner" with Delta. Kind of a Delta-sorta airline.

Anyway, the photo is of the "Breezeway." If you're a Delta frequent flyer, you can "Breeze" past the long line of people queuing up to get their ticket beeped. Bet you save 3, maybe 4 seconds over the plebeian types before having to wait again to get onto the plane itself.

But hey - ever stepped on "Breezeway" carpet? It's...almost spiritual. Well, more like naughty for non-Delta regulars like me. Man, if I held the Golden Ticket to Delta's Breezeway, I'd be takin' those one, two steps nice and slow...savoring the extra plush like a baby in a new diaper.


I promise. if it's ever my call, I will get all those wacky VIP rugs out of the Commuter/Feeder airline gates and into the corporate lavatories.

"Perk" programs are great but when they filter down to systems that aren't really suited for it, they're, as a buddy of mine says, " trying to fit 15lbs of pork into a 10lb sausage."