Sunday, April 13, 2008

In Case of Accident Take Me to Mercy General. PLEASE.

The photo above is from one of those changeable LED boards that you see in malls, convention centers...and in this case, the Cincinnati Airport, Concourse C. There's a bunch of them all over the place.

These signs are rather large - maybe 6' wide. To strengthen such a large display, metal cross pieces run horizontally and vertically, giving the signs a cool '80s 'video wall' look. I appreciated the touch of nostalgia - made me remember Cyndi Lauper, neon and people tying sweaters around their necks. Aack.

Anyway, most of the displays looked great - one hardly noticed the cross pieces until the above message popped on screen.

With a name like Christ Hospital, they should be running better numbers than 3 for 8...or at least let the graphic designer see the display ahead of time.

But then again, it got me to stare at the message, take a picture and get to know the rest of my delayed-passenger buddies at Gate 32. A shared laugh always seems to cure ills.