Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Art school AAACK!

The above image is a banner ad from It's to promote Konica-Minolta's website, "The Museum of Beauty."

The Museum of Beauty is pretty cool - a website is devoted to the Venus de Milo and how Konica-Minolta used their cutting-edge software/technology to analyze the sculpture. The KM folks even try their genius at speculating how the statue might have looked with arms.

But why on earth look up her NOSE?!! Egads - thing of beauty? The face in the ad looks like the Colossus of Crimea animated by some netherworldly force and now its stomping tourist towns and eating children!

AARRRGHGH! It's The Forbidden Statue! And it's come for REVENGE!! Aiiieeeyyyeee!!

Geez guys. Find another photo for your MUSEUM OF BEAUTY.

Frankly, half nude armless women without eyes are creepy.

"Whot?! It's just a flesh wound!"