Saturday, February 25, 2012

Is Brawny Mitt Romney? (say it fast! It's fun!)

I didn't ask the question, but once posed, I think you can understand why it became the most compelling  command of the past :15 seconds.

"Is Mitt Romney the Brawny Man!?"

Or, stated in a much more lyrical fashion,

"Is Brawny Mitt Romney?"

Well, as you can see, I tried to find out.  And the result was...a waste of time.  Thank you, Sadvertising reader.  I'll never get those 15 seconds back.

However, if "Is Brawny Mitt Romney?" turns into a campaign slogan, he better pony-up with the cash or else my lawsuit is gonna' leave Mitt's bank account a bit SCRAWNY.

Anyway, this all brings up an interesting point -  "What happened to the other Brawny guys?!"

Well, I bet Left Brawny's still there, workin' on the Camaro, helpin' Karen at the grocery store once'n'awhile...

Right Brawny, on the other hand, prolly left the forest to open up that "fun dance club with a Tapas Bar and a Ricky Martin lookalike contest!" that Left Brawny was always a little creeped out about hearing.

"Look dude.  I don't own any cutoffs and I'm not going to make any cutoffs cuz I'm not going to wear any cutoffs.  Now just shut up and cut wood!"