Monday, February 20, 2012

The Google has spoken - let the Hoarding begin!

The article above is from the Chicago Trib - it announces Mars (Candy Bars) intent to discontinue their king-size bars and replace them with smaller ones maxed at 250calories.   Ostensibly, it's part of Mars' "commitment to health."  

More likely, it's a fear of rising ingredient costs and a vision of a future where anyone with a BMI greater than 24 needs permission from their health-insurance carrier before buying a candy bar.

Whatever.  I smoke cigars and welcome my new hand-to-mouth friends into the Ring of Persecution.

Anyway, the point here is to look at the Google ad that popped up when the algorithm of Message met Monetization.

Did the Google God tip its hand?

Clearly this is cause for concern - no, depression!  But for whom??  For the sugar-jacks who will soon have to buy TWO Mars Bars instead of one?  For the money traders who know the Chocolate Index as the true indicator of economic health?

Or the Priests of Psych who sit upon the truth - that, "These (3) signs of Depression Are A Clear Sign of Depression."

It's coming people.  It's coming...