Sunday, March 20, 2011

When brands lose their way.

The photo above is from a Sadvertising reader.  He was cleaning out the garage and found this old suitcase.

The brand name is "Amelia Earhart."

This from the same people that brought you Titanic Cruise Lines, Jim Jones' Party Punch and the Windows™ Vista® powered pacemaker.

Marketing guy:  "Let's name it Amelia Earhart!  It'll stand for adventure, independence, spontaneity!  A perfect travel brand!"

Pragmatic guy: "Amelia died, lost somewhere in the Pacific on one of those adventurous, independent..."

Marketing guy: "Niche market!  We'll target people who secretly hate their..."

Thank you Sadvertising reader.

To said Sadvertising reader's wife - if your husband ever offers you a dream trip so you can, "spend some time alone, re-energize and find yourself," he's going to be in Vegas for a long, long time.