Monday, February 04, 2008

Super barf ad.

This morning, my buddy Mark asked about the "worst superbowl ad."

I have no idea which is "worst" because I'm not privy to the barometers of success for the ads. The worst ad, of course, would be the ad that cost the client the most money without result.

Advertising is supposed to interest the consumer to the point where the consumer and client exchange money...right?

Perish the thought that a production company/ad agency would ever create an ad that didn't return the investment to the client!

Anyway, the ETrade ad for the puking baby was disturbing. I wouldn't call it "worst" but I'd call it...well...kinda spit-upy.

The premise is good - communicate the message that trading stocks online is so easy, a BABY can do it.

"Hey look! I just bought stock! I bought stock! If I can do it, you can do it...(BARF!)"

The message appears to be, "Get an Etrade account and play with your money until it makes you puke."

In a time of bulimic debt, anorexic saving and childish spending, the message is rather poignant. Babies are irrational, helpless and require a great deal of care and guidance. Just like economies. I guess.

Hmmm. Maybe ETrade is just telling it like it is.

But even so, the ad doesn't make me want to use ETrade. Instead, the ad makes me wonder if it isn't time to get all my money OUT of the markets and IN to a shoe box.