Thursday, February 14, 2008

Men's Valentine's Day Tip: Do the mopping.

The ad above is for Pine-Sol cleaner and was taken from the March 2008 edition of Family Circle magazine.

It shows a woman mopping the floor while a dog and a guy holding a dog bone lay tweeting on the grass outside.

The copy reads, "The Powerful Scent of Clean."

The message, on the other hand, reeks of a dirty deed. The art direction on this ad is too bizarre for words and frankly, as a male, I'm a little unsure about the unspoken messages wafting up from this female-targeted ad.

What happened here?! Dad and Doggie were huffing Pine-Sol and got conked?!

Or, is closer look, that ain't no mom - that's a SHE BEAST! The woman's got a neck hairier than a hyena! In fact...looking a little closer...she probably IS a hyena! I swear I didn't retouch this thing - just scan & post; egads, that woman's skin looks like she's been bathing in Pine-Sol, too.

"I'll get'choo my prettEE YEAHA HA HA HA HA!" (insert poof of flame, smoke and the smell of lemony-fresh sulphur).

Then again, listening to the frustration of women as they describe their mate's contribution to daily housework helps me to understand a little witchiness.

D'ya the art director wanted to put a little puddle of red on the floor?


It's a crime scene.

And Pine-Sol cleaned'er right up.