Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sun, Fun, Drop and Roll!

The graphic above is from a flash-banner ad on - it's supposed to promote the Florida "lifestyle" community called, "The Villages."

What are we supposed to assume here? The final moments before the paunchy guy collapses on the green from heart failure?


Or perhaps he's perplexed why the giant logo has come between himself and his golf ball? "Strange...feeling...must the...orb of power..." I won't think about the possibility that it's Act-Like-Your-Pet day.

Think I'm being too hard on the golf photo? I was too until I reloaded the graphic and got the photo below.

What's that guy doin'!? I get the impression the air smelled like Peach Brandy and a few seconds later, she hit him and he went down like a sack of mud.

The Villages slogan is, "Live the Lifestyle."

My answer is, "No. At least not while I have impressionable kids."