Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The dis membered kids.

The ad above ran in last month's SELF magazine. I tore it out of a magazine at the health club. I asked permission and they said, "yes." Of course, if I were confronted by a sweaty, balding guy wanting to lift a peanut butter ad out of a woman's fashion mag, I'd say "yes" too. Just in case things got weird...

Anyway, this ad reflects what happens when the client is satisfied with a cliche-level understanding of their target market.

How do we know?

Is it the dismembered body parts?

Is it the 12 foot high Kung Fu kick?

Is it the 35 year old hands grafted superimposed onto a teenager's leg?

Is it the dumb-struck "0" goalie?

Or perhaps the pristine apple slice readied for immersion into a sculpted cup of JIF?


It's the message - "You cram so much into your kid's day they have to gain sustenance while running."

"But mom's are so BUsy! We want to show moms JIF is portable and nutritious!"

This ad may well mark the end of the Harried Soccer Mom and Day Planner Kid. Today, moms/parents are sick of dinner on the run and minivans that smell like home. A recent MTV poll of tween & teens show kids have deep desire for more time with their families.

There are so many ways JIF could have gotten their message across - Mom having an impromptu picnic with her kids, Dad & Jr. enjoying a snack while fishing...

Instead, the ad serves as a reminder that activities are like sardines and time is the oil - pack'em in and try to keep from going bad.

JIF, your market wants meaningful relationships and encouragement on doing nature's toughest job - raising a family, well.