Thursday, August 30, 2007

At last, someone's telling it the way it is.

The above graphic is a screenshot from - it shows the Hilton Hotels slogan, "Travel should take you places."

In the pursuit of Truth in Advertising, Hilton has raised the bar. It is indeed true...and physically impossible, to travel and not go any place. So yes, Travel should indeed take someone to "places."

Perhaps the rest of the business world should follow...

Ford: Automobiles should transport you places.

Applebees: Eating in places should reduce your hunger.

Levis: Wearing pants should keep you from getting kicked-out of places.

Nice to know some business is telling it like it is, eh?

OH! Did you catch the news story about that Idaho senator who was busted for indecent behavior while traveling through an airport?

Traveling took him someplace.

Looks like he should have just kept on traveling instead of stopping in the Minneapolis Airport bathrooms.