Thursday, August 23, 2007

If all you drive is a hammer, everything you see is a nail.

The graphic above is a frame-series from a "Flash" banner ad on The ad is a promo for the Suzuki XL7.

Suzuki's are excellent cars. Their warranty is arguably the best in the industry, their engines are strong and the cars are well built. No wonder the cars get good reviews. Having driven an XL7 recently, I agree - the car's a great ride.

But the advertising? Bizarre...why on earth would anyone want to illustrate the XL7 as a battering ram?! (See the Mercedes post below). On top of that, one of Suzuki's challenges is to elevate themselves beyond the micro-car/motorcycle status. Comparing the SUV-sized XL7 to an eeny-weenie NAIL?!

Suzuki's slogan is "Way of Life." Egads - I sure hope not.