Saturday, December 02, 2006

They're in Colton, I tell you...COLTON!

The above graphic is from a Foxnews banner ad. It's one of those clever internet ads that - in a nutshell - recognizes where the browser is from by doing a quick trace-route and then flashes customized, location-based content.

So, if I were in New York City, the ad above would read, "Find Wealthy Men & Beautiful Women In New York City."

Only, when I saw this banner ad, I happened to be in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I didn't click on the banner ad to verify where it went, but it's probably safe to assume it's for a dating service. Makes sense - who wants to find "Poor Men & Ugly Women"?

Anyway, there are some interesting aspects to this little banner ad that are worthy of comment.

Colton is a typical prairie farm town and in typical prairie farm towns, being "Wealthy & Beautiful" is not like "Wealthy & Beautiful" in a city.

Oh, there's wealth in Colton. But it's Farm Wealth and "Farm Wealth" is different than "City Wealth."

Farm Wealth buys a $35,000 pickup every year and repairs clothes with duct tape. Farm Wealth spends $2,500 for cattle semen but won't buy milk without a coupon.

That guy in the photo? He's "City Wealth." If you're working around cows and corn without a shirt, you're not rich - you're messed up.

And there's beauty in Colton, too. It's Farm Beauty and "Farm Beauty" is different than "City Beauty."

Farm Beauty is a strong back, thick skin and dull sense of smell. Farm Beauty is looking good in whatever jacket the feed company is giving out - and if that family is a "John Deere Family," then Farm Beauty is GREEN.

That girl in the photo? She's "City Beauty." If she's working in Colton, it's by the hour and it's only during County Fair Week - and chances are, she won't be back. Ever.

Marketers are forever looking for silver-bullets - that word, that way, that, that...thing that will make people move on command. As the population grows, our privacy diminishes and technology becomes more invasive, ads like this will only get worse.

"Find 6 guys with new Ford F250s and 3 women who can run a round-bailer in Colton!"