Friday, December 15, 2006

I surrender - my tastebuds come in peace.

The graphic above comes from the menu at a restaurant named, Boston's. They are a Friday's-Applebees-Ruby Tuesday's-O'Charleys-Chili's-Whatever clone that sells pizza.

How does a restaurant set itself apart in a marketplace of imitators?

Excellent food? Outstanding service? Unique decor? Innovation?

Assaulting tastebuds?

"Honey, tonight let's go to Boston's."


"They're planning an 'all-out assault' on my tastebuds!"

"Really?! With what?!"

"Their food!"

"Wow! I've never been assaulted with food, before, except for that time at the Zoo when the monkey's threw..."

"Honey, that wasn't food they were throwing."

"Oh yeah. That's right."

As it was, the pizza wasn't that assaulting at all.

UPDATE: A Sadvertising reader wrote the he saw "ASS" in the headline right away. Now that he mentioned it, that's all I can see. "ASS" and "PIZZA." Eeeewwww.