Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Delighted! And Surprised!

The graphic above is a screen-shot of Chicken of the Sea's "Selected Recipe." They call it, "Holiday Tuna Tree."

In case you're not courageous enough to click on the graphic to get a closer view of the "Holiday Tuna Tree," the descriptive copy beneath the photo reads:

"This holiday dip will surpise and delight your family and friends. The festive shape will add to your table decorations."

You're darned right they'll be surprised and delighted - surprised that you actually made it and delighted to have something to give you grief about for the whole next year. "Hey. Remember that TUNA TREE?! (ha ha ha ha ha ha)"

"Let's go to the Miller's Christmas Party, honey - you know that last year they had that fabulous TUNA TREE!...NOT!" (more laughter).

There's probably no more incongruous word pair than TUNA and TREE. And pity the poor photographer - just look at the subject; what can you do with it other than not take the picture at all? I think it looks like a baked candle.

Oh the energy we'll consume trying to figure out how to sell stuff at Christmas. But I bet no one will be consuming "Holiday Tuna Trees" this year - except cats.